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Additional Training to compliment your Jiu Jitsu.



App Access + In Person Instruction

The Jiu Jitsu Company has partnered with Yoga for BJJ and Dr. Alyssia Pond to bring a consistent recovery yoga practice to the academy.  

"Jiu Jitsu is a flexion-based activity, and the contractile forces required while grappling can lead to the contraction of certain muscle groups. Yoga helps to counteract these forces, to bring extension and expansion into the joints. Yoga is the perfect counter-stretch to a regular Jiu Jitsu practice, increasing one's overall mobility and muscle balance."

- Dr. Alyssia Pond

(JJC Yoga Instructor)

Students receive FREE yoga for BJJ membership/APP, a weekly yoga class with expert coaching.


App Programming

Weight Lifting is a great compliment to Jiu Jitsu not only for the strength it provides, but also for joint health, and injury prevention.

We have a Rogue lifting cage and bench for a full body workout, and up to 225 lb lifts.  More than enough for a supplemental weight training program to compliment your BJJ.

Small weights like dumbbells, and kettlebells, plus recovery and stretching implements make for a well rounded workout space.  

Additionally, we program basic lifting templates into our members app, where you can see videos of good technique, keep track of your weights, and monitor your progress. 

We also host an in house personal trainer, if you'd like personalized programming.

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