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The Jiu Jitsu Company is proud to partner with Dr. Alyssia Pond to offer Yoga and Physical Therapy not only to our students, but to the community of Old City, and Philadelphia.  

She offers weekly yoga classes, private physical therapy sessions, and monthly workshops open to all participants.   




Tuesday (starting september 19th)
10 am Morning Stretch Yoga
45 Minutes
Drop In

Thursdays by appointment only
Physical Therapy

Saturday 2 pm (once a month)
Recovery Yoga
1 hour
$25 Drop In

JJC Member Discounts Available


Come start your day right by waking up your mind and stretching out your body in this mindfully-curated Morning Stretch Yoga class with Dr. Alyssia Pond. Bring your own mat, blanket and/or yoga blocks if you have them (if not, JJC has a few mats & blocks to share)! This yoga class is open to ALL, including members, non-members, and new neighborhood friends! 


Jiu Jitsu is a flexion-based activity, and the contractile forces required while grappling can lead to the contraction, or shortening, of certain muscle tissues over time. Yoga helps to counteract these forces, to bring extension and mobility into the joints, and increase muscle extensibility or flexibility. Yoga is the perfect counterstretch to a regular jiu jitsu practice, increasing one's mobility and muscle balance throughout the body. Yoga is a holistic counterpart to increasing the longevity of a jiu jitsu or any athlete's career.


  • Increases muscle extensibility, flexibility, joint mobility & range of motion

  • Improves muscle imbalances caused by flexion-based activities (jiu jitsu, sitting, sleeping)

  • Stimulates blood flow & oxygenation to promote tissue healing & recovery

  • Relieves muscle tension, decreases tightness and potential risk of injury

  • Mindful practices such as breathwork & meditation improve well-being


Dr. Alyssia Pond has been a practicing PT for over seven years since receiving her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Drexel University in 2016. A student of Yoga for half of her life, Alyssia completed her 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training with Kest Yoga in 2020. Since then, she has been teaching yoga classes, hosting collaborative events, guest lecturing at Yoga Teacher Trainings, and working with both yoga & PT clients in her business, ALYGN PT & Yoga. Alyssia is passionate about blending her knowledge and expertise of movement sciences into her yoga teachings and sessions to ensure a safe and accessible practice for all bodies and levels.

For more information you can contact her directly via her website Align with Alyssia .

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