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Kids martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Philadelphia

My wife (Angela Vogel) and I opened up a Martial arts school in Philadelphia roughly three months ago and it’s been a super interesting process so far. We have the opportunity to fully implement our curriculums and specific ways of training and at the 90 day mark we are seeing clear results as far as our students improvement goes, and as far as maintaining a strong and fun mat culture goes. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to see these things working out. The Kids program has been especially interesting to follow because not only are we getting to see our ideas for kids martial arts curriculums come to life, but we also are getting to see it expressed through our highly competent kids Coach Dina, who has a Masters degree in education (in addition to her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience).

Angie and I were watching the Kids do positional sparring with each other on the side of the mat last week and we were both marveling not only at the clear technical improvements they have made (they came to us with no Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience) but also their improvements in being able to maturely navigate the hurdles that come with kids practicing martial arts together and also the normal friction which siblings have when doing things like this together.

I’m inspired a lot by the well developed, organized and professional Kids martial arts programs in Bjj, like the Art of Jiu Jitsu academy in California, and a few other places I follow and our dream of having a really fun, technical, respectful team of Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students is starting to happen. It’s really exciting! I think most of all, I love the idea of introducing kids to this amazing sport, and helping them develop a healthy and fun relationship with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and sport in general.

Anyway, Im really proud of how things are going with these programs and if you are a parent thinking about getting your child enrolled in an activity, I’d love for you to come and see what we do! You can expect a professional, fun and clean environment where all of our instructors work hard towards helping your kids build skill in this amazing art!

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