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Month One at the JJC

Month one is complete here at The Jiu Jitsu Company! We welcomed 59 new students from brand new day one White belts, all the way up to First Degree Black Belts! Classes are growing and everyone is making use (and hopefully loving) the amenities. We love to see the lobby filled before and after class, people hanging on the balcony waiting for showers, or catching some fresh air, and of course the central AC is a major plus during the summer months.

This month we were able to do some special community efforts in relation to PRIDE month. We hosted a Free Self Defense class for the LGBTQ community and sold shirts with all proceeds going to charity. Thank you to everyone who contributed. We are looking to do some more community outreach soon by organizing some self care packages for the homeless population of Old City. (Be on the lookout for more info)

We would also like to highlight our Belt Promotions for the month of June. A big congratulations to the following members on their well earned recognition.

Sam Tropio- first degree Black Belt

Mikhail Oza- Brown Belt

Frank Yu- Brown Belt

Jayson Chen- Brown Belt

As the student body grows, we will be looking to expand on the mat space (sooner than later). We anticipate getting zebra mats to replace the puzzle mats in the second mat room. The plan is to use that room for competition training, and overflow in busy classes. We are hopeful to have this be a nice addition come the Fall.

We would like to ask that if you haven't already, please leave us a google and yelp review at your convenience. This helps us get seen more readily in internet searches which helps us get new students! We have Free stickers as a thank you for doing so (check them out in the merchandise area)

As always we thank everyone for the support! See you on the mats!

❤️ Angie


If you aren't a member, and would like more information on scheduling, pricing or have any questions, feel free to email or call/text us @ 267-600-7850

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