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This Week At JJC

Here’s an update on what we did at The Jiu Jitsu Company this week! It’s been another busy week but we are getting closer!

  • Individual changing rooms are built, and Josh has been spackling for a million hours

  • Lobby is 97% complete, I have an outlet cover to install and a piece of molding to cut. I’m really loving the Merch area I set up!

  • Hot water heater is serviced and both showers are fully functional (someone installed the hot water valve upside down 🤔)

  • Bathrooms are almost done. The previous tenant took the metal commercial doors and we are having to retro fit wood doors which is taking longer than we thought. (Mostly cause my Dad has to do it and he can only come once a week)

  • Thanks to our friends/students all the IKEA cubbies etc are put together and waiting to be moved into place.

  • Still waiting on the Mat shipping notification! Come on Monday! They have to come all the way from MN so we are hopeful they will be here around the 10th. We can’t wait to run 1000 sq. Ft of mats up the steps hahahah. We have our Frankenmats in place for now for Private lessons and rolling.

  • Google business listing is done, but they put us in the wrong address, so we’re waiting to get that edited. Google... you had one job!

Plenty of other bits and pieces done, but I realize this is probably a lot less exciting to read about than it is for us to do! We hope to see you all soon in Old City for some training! It will be nice to feel just Jiu Jitsu sore again instead of manual labor sore AND Jiu Jitsu sore.

- Ang ❤️

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