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#whitebeltproblems part 1

White belt problems is an old series I was doing maybe 6 or 7 years ago that I have recently decided to revisit. I figured I would start at the very beginning with a common question I get:

“What is the most important piece of advice you would give a white belt to get better at Bjj?”

Pick one basic and proven technique from every major position and make it your project to develop those.

Basic and proven=Something commonly seen in Bjj and shown to be successful for many years at all levels of competition for a variety of body types. Hint: watch grappling in MMA for ideas (in addition to asking your instructors). MMA grappling tends to be more focused on simple but effective movements that are relatively easy to understand at a beginner level.

Major positions= Focus on both the top and bottom of Mount, Side Control, Back control, any simple guard and of course, standing position.

Project= When you attend class, you will generally be learning multiple techniques throughout the month. You should still learn and perform the techniques in class, especially if they fill in a gap in your “one move” plan, but during open training times you would do well to focus more on developing your one technique from every major position. You are making a special project of these techniques and putting most of your focus on these.

Develop= Development is the process of learning the mechanics of your technique, finding the major problems you will come across against your training partners (and viable solutions) and building skill in performing these techniques at a higher and higher level over time.

I hope that helps some! Please shoot me a message if you have any questions!

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