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Construction Complete at The Jiu Jitsu Company

The final post in the series of updates is here! The school is ready for students! Here's what went down since my last update... and what's happening next.

  • The changing rooms are complete... all the doors are hung on the individual rooms, and plenty (I hope) of storage for students belongings

  • The outdoor area is cleaned, we have some nice seating and plants to enjoy whether you're waiting for the shower, hanging out before class, or catching some fresh air between matches.

  • The bonus room flooring and mats are down, wall mats are up. It's nice to have the extra space for conditioning, Muay Thai pad work, or stretching before and after training. We will eventually make a more specific use of the room.

  • Main mat room is compete! The Zebra mats arrived! (7 hours early hahah) We were able to get them all installed in 1 day thanks to some very helpful students and friends. I don't know what kind of magic these mats are made of, but they are the nicest I've ever trained on.

  • The TV is all set up in the lobby, which seems like a silly thing to have in a Jiu Jitsu school, but has been pretty useful for video study, and yes, episodes of Daisy Fresh :)

  • SEO is really coming along as well, thanks again to much help (if you haven't sensed a community built theme by now...) And google finally fixed our address so potential students can find us, and not go to North Market St. instead.

So, what's next? Now we get some students! Regular classes will start Tuesday June 1st as planned with 7am advanced NoGi. We have a full schedule available here. We will also have a special "Open House/Open Mat" Saturday and Sunday June 12th and 13th! If you're interested in coming, please email me at so I can send you a waiver before you come! There will be training, snacks, and we will happily give tours of the school and answer any questions you may have whether you are new to Jiu Jitsu or a seasoned practitioner.

As always, we want to express our gratitude to those in the Jiu Jitsu community who have been a tremendous help to us so far. People have given their time and advice, sacrificed their thigh muscles unloading trucks up to the second floor, donated items, and even cash gifts. We COULD NOT have gotten through this time without your support.

Another tremendous thank you to our families for emotional and financial support (and picking things up in their trucks) And of course to my Dad, Big Ed. Without him we would have been lost on how to build anything! He did the changing rooms, taught me to install the floor, Josh how to literally build walls, on top of a million other things. And he leant us all his tools haha.


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