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JJC updates!

Well this month has been a crazy one! April (and half of may!) flew by and I can’t believe we’ll be opening in two weeks! Here‘s the rundown of the changes since my last update:

  • Both the lobby and changing room bathrooms are complete

  • Individual changing rooms are built, painted, and the doors are up! plenty of storage and hooks hung for students belongings. (oh and plants 😁)

  • Laminate floor is down in the bonus room, and about half the room is matted (we still have some cutting to do so I’m leaving some undone until Monday)

  • Benches in the main mat room are complete, we have a bit of molding to put back up but mostly we are just waiting for the mats to arrive (Like we have been for about 3 weeks now!!) they should take around a day to install.

  • The lobby is done except to hang the TV and one piece of molding! Fully stocked on merch, Gis, patches etc.

  • The office is complete, and all the forms for sign ups are ready. We went 100% digital for all the waivers and contracts and it’s very nice to just hand someone an iPad to sign in!

  • Most importantly we have trial weeks scheduled for opening day! 5 kids are coming in for the 4:30 class! YAY!

We will be having and open house/open mat weekend, but haven’t decided the date just yet but we will let everyone know soon! We are super exited and looking forward to teaching and training Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense in Old City for years to come.

-Ang ❤️

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