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The Jiu Jitsu Company

Sooooo, we have a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school now! It's an exciting time for Angie and I, and we are reminded by our friends to enjoy this moment. Scraping and sanding the walls, cleaning up the showers, taking our lunch breaks together at Gianfrancos pizza and grabbing coffee over at Old City coffee and staring in amazement at how beautiful the buildings are in Old City. Our friends messaging us with thoughts of support, we can feel their excitement at how great The Jiu Jitsu Company is going to be. You only open your first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school once, and we have to take time to savor it.

So far we have done a ton of stuff, and while in the moment it feels like there is a ton more to do, it's really not that much when you put it down on paper. In the short time since we committed to this project, with the help of our friends and students we were able to get the school prepped to paint, utilities are almost done, Brazilian jiu jitsu mats are ordered (and coming soon, I'm so excited that we splurged and went with reeealy good ones), paperwork filed and most important for our students, we are putting the finishing touches on our curriculum. This is what I'm most excited about and where I thrive. I love organizing Jiu Jitsu and planning ways to get our students as good as humanly possible in the shortest amount of time possible (doubtless my friends reading this are laughing at the mind maps they know I'm charting out hahaha). Anyway, I'm rambling, but I'm really excited for what The Jiu Jitsu Company is about to do in Old City Philadelphia and what we are going to contribute to the neighborhood, and to the martial arts scene in Philadelphia.

Well, I feel better getting some of my thoughts out on this post and I'm planning on writing a ton of stuff on here regularly, in the spirit of my old blog at . Lots of technical, philosophical, and informational articles about what we are doing and what our plans are for the future! Looking forward to connecting with everyone, so please feel free to comment or message us with questions or feedback!

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